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Bilingual program for kindergartens

  • Program for private and state kindergartens

  • Focused on developing fluent Ukrainian speaking abilities while introducing the essentials of English.

  • How we do it: we use Interclass maps for teaching topics in Ukrainian, then the topic duplicates in English. Kids develop Ukrainian speaking and learn the basics of English.

The problem


Many kids speak Russian at home, and need to prepare for Ukrainian school

Empower their language skills with the help of our innovative Interclass maps, designed to teach the basics of Ukrainian and enhance speaking abilities.

Parents want their kids to study the basics of English at the kindergarten, but kids don’t remember much

Using innovative Interclass approach, kids will learn many words and how to make basic phrases in English, which will make a foundation for learning English at school

  • Result: By laying a solid foundation for Ukrainian and English language learning, your child will be well-equipped to excel at school.

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