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To get more detailed information about the educational programs of "Interclass" 

Training for teachers

  • Designed to equip educators with the knowledge and skills to deliver effective instruction. 

  • Focused on understanding the unique needs of today's students and implementing modern teaching methodologies.

  • Experience our Approach: Through the utilization of Interclass maps and innovative teaching approaches, we introduce teachers to the system of effective teaching. By incorporating visual aids and interactive techniques, educators gain valuable insights into fostering student engagement and maximizing learning outcomes.

The problem


Lack of Effective Teaching Strategies 

Many teachers face challenges in implementing effective teaching strategies that resonate with modern students and maximize learning outcomes.

Comprehensive Training on Effective Teaching Interclass Effective Education Projects offers a specialized training program designed to equip teachers with a wide range of effective teaching strategies. Through interactive workshops and practical sessions, educators gain valuable insights into student engagement techniques, innovative instructional methods, and effective classroom management strategies.

Limited Understanding of Modern Student Needs 

Teachers may struggle to fully understand the unique needs and preferences of modern students, hindering their ability to connect with and engage them effectively.

Insights into Modern Student Learning Interclass Effective Education Projects provides teachers with valuable insights into the characteristics and preferences of modern students. By incorporating research-based approaches and utilizing Interclass maps and resources, educators gain a deeper understanding of student learning styles, interests, and motivations. This knowledge empowers teachers to tailor their instruction to meet the specific needs of their students, promoting meaningful learning experiences and fostering student success.

Development of Courses in English

  • We offer consultations in course development in ESP (English for Special Purposes)

  • Focused on understanding how to develop Academic literacy using Interclass and genre-based approaches

  • Experience our Approach: Our course development approach incorporates the innovative Interclass methodology and genre-based approaches. By integrating authentic materials, interactive activities, and genre analysis, we ensure the development of academic literacy and language proficiency. Through our consultation services, we work closely with you to design courses that are engaging, relevant, and tailored to meet the unique requirements of your learners.

The problem


Lack of Effective Course Design for Academic Literacy

 Many course developers struggle to create courses that effectively develop academic literacy skills in English, hindering students' ability to succeed in academic settings.

Expert Consultations in ESP Course Development Interclass offers specialized consultations in ESP course development. Our team of experts provides guidance and support in designing courses that specifically target academic literacy skills. Through a combination of Interclass methodology and genre-based approaches, we help course developers integrate authentic materials, interactive activities, and genre analysis to enhance students' academic language proficiency. By incorporating these strategies, courses can be designed to foster academic literacy and empower students to excel in academic environments.

Limited Understanding of Learner Needs and Field-Specific Requirements

Course developers may struggle to fully understand the unique needs and field-specific requirements of learners in specialized areas, hindering the development of effective courses for academic literacy.

Tailored Course Development for Learner Needs Interclass provides personalized consultations to understand the specific requirements and learner needs in specialized fields. Through collaborative discussions and in-depth analysis, we ensure course developers gain a comprehensive understanding of the linguistic demands and academic literacy skills necessary for success in these areas. By tailoring course content, materials, and activities to meet these specific needs, we can develop courses that address the unique challenges learners face and support the development of academic literacy.

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